Posted by Sona Kourtian on Jul 14, 2021
     Our club RC Beirut Cosmopolitan was honored with the first visit that the District Governor planned for Lebanon. DG Ashot Karapetyan ( D2452), per tradition, met on July 14, RCBC Board of Directors followed by meeting with the general club membership. During this meeting, the DG shared the general mission statement of Rotary, the theme of this year- Serve to Save Lives- and stressed the importance of Membership Engagement, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion. He also highlighted that now more than ever is the best time to grow Rotary because communities across the globe are in dire need of our help after the ravages of the pandemic.
     RCBC President Sona Kourtian presented to the DG the strategic plan for RY 21-22, her focus on Education as her theme for the year, and the plans of all committees in our club. DG Ashot complemented our work and urged us to carry on with our remarkable record of service projects and Global Grants.