Posted by Habib Saba on Mar 01, 2021
On 1 March 2021 RC Beirut Cosmopolitan, represented by P Habib Saba, PE Sona Kourtian, PN Farida Najjar and P Carla Abou Diab (Rotaract Club Beirut Cosmopolitan), visited the respected NGO Arc En Ciel to handover medical equipment including medical beds, wheel and medical chairs and PPE equipment. This handover was part of a Rotary Lebanon initiative spearheaded by RC Beirut Metropolitan in collaboraton with Rotary France to deliver medical equipment to NGOs, Hospitals, Medical Centers, etc throughout Lebanon. The staff at Arc En Ciel were also kind enough to give us a tour of their workshops of which a highlight was the Pottery workshop. Thank you Arc En Ciel for your hospitality and your noble work in aid of the handicapped and vulnerable.