GRSP Student, Christina Asfour visited The Rotary Club of Rockdale County on October 7 and gave a presentation about her homeland Lebanon.

As part of her program, she explains the meaning behind the Lebanese Flag. (The red stripes symbolize the pure bloodshed in the aim of liberation. The white stripe symbolizes peace, and the white snow covering Lebanon's mountains. The green Cedar symbolizes immortality and steadiness.)

Christina gave such a heartfelt presentation that the members of the Rotary Club of Rockdale County chose to perform a Tree planting ceremony on October 10th in her honor. It seemed that the obvious tree of choice should be a cedar tree.

The Rotary Club of Rockdale planted the cedar tree at "Lighthouse Village" - a newly created community in Conyers that will provide shelter for displaced women and children that are victims of domestic violence. There will be a dedication ceremony at a later date when Christina and her other co-host families can join us.

(Source: this article appeared in the November 2009 Issue of Rotations, published by District 6109 of Rotary Club International)