Posted by Amal Talhouk on Oct 02, 2023
On October 3, RC Beirut Cosmopolitan welcomed the DG Bashar Haddad D- 2452 for his first annual visit to clubs in Lebanon. The DG was accompanied by DDG Shawkat Houalla, AG Toufic Ariss and Governor Aide Samar Saab.
After a welcoming address by P Amal Talhouk , committee chairs presented their plan for the year, including service projects in the pipeline. 
DG Bashar delivered his closing remarks, commenting on the achievements of RCBC over the years and highlighting the club as the first inclusive club in the district.
A new member, Mr. Toufic Abilameh ( sponsored by PP Mounir Jabre) was pinned that evening and was warmly welcomed by all.