An amazing presentation by Dr Nelly Mouawad about the universe, our galaxy , the origin of life, our solar system and the planets. 
PP Habib Saba started the meeting with a presentation about the Computer literacy global grant project. The Objective of the project is to provide 6 computer labs 
to 6 public schools. The budget is $124,000 for six schools budget of which $30,000 to be raised by lebanese clubs of which $1000 by RCBC.
From Cosmic Birth to Living Earth by astronomer Dr Nelly Mouawad from The Lebanese American University - LAU  
Dr Mouawad started her presentation by giving us an idea about how big is the universe, how did we get here, our galaxy the Milky Way
our solar system and the planets. 
She then talked about the moons Enceladus, Europa, and Titan 
Dr Mouawad talked about the possibility that comets might have brought water to earth. 
Dr Mouawad's projects in the USA and France covered the planet Mercury and its craters (one of these craters is called Jibran)
then she ended her presentation about the latest space news