The handover of Ghassan Kanafani Project took place at the Ghassan Kanafani Habilitation Preschool in the Mar Elias Camp in Beirut.
The handover of this project took place at the Ghassan Kanafani  Habilitation Preschool in the Mar Elias Camp in Beirut. Its objective was to equip the Occupational Therapy workshop (which manufactures various assistive devices for disabled preschoolers) with essential and new tools to improve the quality of the products manufactured.

The Habilitation Preschool provides education and therapeutic intervention for Palestinian as well as Lebanese children with multiple disabilities.  It serves around 100 children annually. The workshop was established in 1993. It uses materials that are locally available; very few items are imported.

Ms. Nahla Ghandour, Habilitation School Director, received from PP Subhi Jarudi two cheques totaling US $ 3185 for the purchase of  tools requested by the school. Also present from RCBC were  RT Lina Shair, RT Hussam Rinno, Honorary Secretary Mounir Jabre and Past President Tony Asfour.