Posted by Adib Mounla on Jan 14, 2020
The joint session between the three Clubs included the presentation by Mrs. Myra Saadeh, the pinning of new RCBC member Mr. Nasr el Baba and two PHFs PP Edouard Rassie and P Adib Mounla. 
Mrs. Myra Saadeh is a Human Rights activist specialized in detention and law enforcement as well as a Senior trainer and expert in International Humanitarian Law. She has worked in several international organizations such as the UNDP , the International Committee of the Red Cross and Diakonia.
During the session, Mrs. Saadeh listed the chain of events that paved the way to the October 17th revolution, then she talked about Blocking the roads, freedom of expression v/s freedom of movement, Law enforcement operations v/s Excessive use of force. Mrs. Saadeh discussed human rights and law enforcement issues and whether some rights can be derogable and the principles governing the exercise of powers by law enforcement officers.