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Rotary Club of Beirut Cosmopolitan celebrated, in a joint event, both its 25th Anniversary and Handover Ceremony between P. Habib Saba and P.E Sona Kourtian on Tuesday, June 15, 2021 in the enchanting gardens of Arthaus, Gemayzeh. The  event was attended by club members, friends, and Rotarian guests from Lebanese and international clubs both in person and over zoom platform in a beautiful ambience of fellowship .The evening was enriched with addresses from DG Ashot Karapetyan specially for the occasion, as well as RCBC founding President Riad Saade, RRFC Christina Covotsou and DGN George Azar. Finally, three new members were pinned and welcomed to the RCBC family.
On 1 March 2021 RC Beirut Cosmopolitan, represented by P Habib Saba, PE Sona Kourtian, PN Farida Najjar and P Carla Abou Diab (Rotaract Club Beirut Cosmopolitan), visited the respected NGO Arc En Ciel to handover medical equipment including medical beds, wheel and medical chairs and PPE equipment. This handover was part of a Rotary Lebanon initiative spearheaded by RC Beirut Metropolitan in collaboraton with Rotary France to deliver medical equipment to NGOs, Hospitals, Medical Centers, etc throughout Lebanon. The staff at Arc En Ciel were also kind enough to give us a tour of their workshops of which a highlight was the Pottery workshop. Thank you Arc En Ciel for your hospitality and your noble work in aid of the handicapped and vulnerable.
On December,Tuesday 22, 2020, RCBC was happy to give cheer and put a smile on the children of SOS Children’s Village at Bhersaf in the beautiful Metn region of Lebanon.
    SOS stands for Societas Socialis, founded in 1949 by Herman Gmeiner, an Austrian, to help orphaned children. SOS Children’s Village, stands for: A loving home for every child. It is a nonprofit National Association and a member of the International Federation of SOS Children’s Villages.
    P. Habib Saba, Amal Talhouk, and Farida Najjar with the help of NGO Chreek delivered and distributed food parcels from Burger King+ popsicles + personal gifts for the 42 children whose ages range between 3-19 years (and that is until they graduate and find the future awaiting them). Over and above, each child received a personal letter from another child of a similar age with the season’s compliments, which added to the warmth of this Christmas event. RCBC surely didn’t forget to offer food parcels and personal gifts to the 11 caretakers who play the role of (mothers) to those children.
    RCBC members always look forward for their annual Christmas project to draw a smile on orphans’ innocent faces.
As a response to COVID-19, our club initiated a global grant last May to provide ventilators and PPE to Karantina Hospital. The handover took place on September 16, which was attended by members of RCBC including President Habib Saba, President Elect Sona Kourtian , Past President Joe Boulos, Past President Mimi Hamam, and Rotarian Michel Mansour along with the management and staff of the hospital.
In line with RC Beirut Cosmopolitan focus on areas for disaster relief, the club collaborated with a Scottish NGO, Edinburgh Direct Aid, to repair damaged windows and doors in homes impacted by the explosion. This support was achieved through the allocation of funds to supply required material for repairs
RCBC, BCRAC and RCBC Interact Club, in partnership with the NGO Chreek, distributed food boxes to needy families in the Karantina area in Beirut, zone 26. This area of Beirut was badly affected by the recent explosion of August 4 and lots of families were left homeless. Boxes were distributed to 113 families and tents were set up for this purpose
          After months of zoom meetings and isolation, our club decided to brave the storm and conduct a physical handover to keep the valued tradition of the club. With a restricted number of attendees, masks and social distancing, the club had a very successful and fun handover between outgoing President Adib Mounla and Incoming President Habib Saba.
      The club was honoured with the presence of DG Mazen Alumran from the Kingdom of Bahrain via video linkup in addition to the physical presence of Assistant Governor Rami Sarkis of RC Beirut Cedars, DGN George Azar of RC Aley and DDG Samir Constantin of RC Sahel Metn from the District level.  Distinguished guests also present included Dr Riad Saade of RC de Beyrouth, a charter member of our club and its founding President, in addition to club charter members RT Samir El Khoury and Nabil Challah. Thanks to the power of Zoom, the official proceedings were climaxed with a warmly received address from DG Mazen Alumran who extended his best wishes to the RCBC President and Club for a successful year.
      This appearance and the zoom broadcast of the handover generally was enabled, with appreciation, by the Interact Club of Beirut Cosmopolitan. Per tradition, VP Joe Boulos assisted by PP Lina Shair and Rt. Joelle Fighali, gave the outgoing President Adib all the parting honors in a very humorous sketch which added much needed positive vibes.
      The evening was enjoyed by all who attended whether personally or virtually.
Thanks again IPP Adib and good luck P Habib!
Joint online meeting with the Rotary Club of Beirut Cedars. Guest speaker Michelle Mouracade talked about Social Enterprise and how Rotary can benefit from the services of Alfanar. The topic of sustainability in project was highlighted especially that all Rotary global grants should be sustainable to be eligible for approval. 
RCBC's last fellowship event for the Rotary year started with a visit to the Evangelical Academy in Aabey were funrniture and IT equipment will be installed once the GEAT GG funds are received. During the visit P Adib and PP George were interviewed by TV reporters. This was followed by a visit to the Kanaan Palace owned by RC Beirut Center President Effat Kanaan Abou Assly. 
The Program Committee represented by Chair Farida Najjar and Rtn Karen Saab have organized a nice outing to the MACAM museum in Alita. Members and friends were greeted by Cezar Nammour and his spouse Gaby Shaub who offered a tour of the museum followed by a workshop and nice outdoor lunch. 
RCBC new members Rotarians Nasr el Baba, Rony Eid, Mohamad Harakeh, in addition to Rtn Colin Gibson presented their classification and professional backgrounds. In addition Michel Frem RCBC candidate for a Rotary Scholarship talked about his ambition to pursue a Masters degree in water and sanitation in the Netherlands. The members and attendees were impressed by the high level of professionalism of the speakers and their academic and professional background.    
RCBC members, families and friends have visited the Latourba winery in Saghbine - Bekaa. During the event Christine Chehwane informed the Rotarians how the Latourba wine is produced using traditional techniques. After that a wine tasting session was held, followed by a nice barbecue lunch and a visit to the farm and an ancient Roman sight. 
The Rotary Club of Beirut Cosmopolitan has distributed 70 boxes of PPE to the Hopital du Sacre Coeur . This is  part of a Disaster Response Grant initiated by District 2452 to fight COVID19. The hospital is currently receiving and treating  COVID19 Patients. 
A fully equipped ambulance was handed over to the Lebanese Red Cross represented by Mrs. Rosy Boulos. The Handover event took place at the workshop of BISCO SARL that took charge of the conversion works. The ambulance was financed via a Global Grant initiated by the Rotary Club of Beirut Cosmopolitan and the Rotary Club of Elche Illice, with the contribution of the Rotary Clubs of LA Cedars, Neede, Picton, Elche-Illice, Lebanon (USA), Beirut-Cedars, Beyrouth, Districts 2452, 6560, 2203 and the Rotary Foundation.
Joint online meeting with the Rotary Club of Beirut Cadmos. Guest speaker Mrs. Karen Boustany is an award winning Media Personality, owner and GM of Eyestrategy Business Communication SARL, Co-Founder of LALS and CEO of the Luxury Network Lebanon. 
Joint meeting with the Rotary Club of Sahel Metn. Our guest speaker Mr. Bassel Assah is an expert in Information Security and Business Security. He covered the Pre Covid19 security risks, the trend after COVID19 (remote work, Zoom , Webex meetings), phishing and spear phishing and the market best practices. The presentation was followed by a session of Q&A.