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On October 16, 2023, RCBC inaugurated the AGBU Dispensary, with more than 8 fully equipped medical departments.
(Gynecology, Cardiology, Pediatrics, Panoramic X-Ray machine, Color Doppler Echocardiography, Mammography, Ultrasound , X-Ray Machine with full shielded insulation for the room)
In addition to the various equipment needed for the ENT, Ophthalmology and other departments.
The project was headed by PP Sona Kourtian-Doniguian and sponsored by RC Trondhjem (Norway) and many other clubs from Germany, Netherlands, Norway, UK, Canada and USA.
Congratulations, RCBC for another great achievement.
On October 3, RC Beirut Cosmopolitan welcomed the DG Bashar Haddad D- 2452 for his first annual visit to clubs in Lebanon. The DG was accompanied by DDG Shawkat Houalla, AG Toufic Ariss and Governor Aide Samar Saab.
After a welcoming address by P Amal Talhouk , committee chairs presented their plan for the year, including service projects in the pipeline. 
DG Bashar delivered his closing remarks, commenting on the achievements of RCBC over the years and highlighting the club as the first inclusive club in the district.
A new member, Mr. Toufic Abilameh ( sponsored by PP Mounir Jabre) was pinned that evening and was warmly welcomed by all.
The Rotary Club of Beirut Cosmopolitan organized a fellowship outing on September 30, 2023, centered around the theme "A Glance on the Talhouk History". The event took place at the Talhouk Castle/Makarem Cultural Center and Deir El Shir in Bmekkine. Members from RCBC, RC Metn Gate, and RC Beirut Center had the opportunity to engage in a cultural and historical tour followed by a delightful lunch at the Al Sakhra Cliff House Restaurant.
In collaboration with RC Beirut Cedars, and under the banner of September: Education and Literacy, RC Beirut Cosmopolitan represented by Rt.Joelle Feghali, collected and distributed 1750 books to the school Saint Cœur Ain Najem, to promote literacy and education in Lebanese schools.
On Wednesday September 13, 2023, RC Beirut Cosmopolitan had a Handover Ceremony at the Elpis H.O.M.E clinic in Fanar, Lebanon.
In the presence of Rotarians, doctors and guests, an X-ray machine and a Panoramic machine were donated, a Global Grant that was executed with the support of Spanish and American clubs and districts and the Rotary Foundation.
Rotary Club Beirut Cosmopolitan had the distinct honor of hosting a momentous event at the prestigious Phoenicia Hotel, Beirut, marking the transition of leadership from Past President Samir El Khoury to Incoming President Amal Talhouk. The occasion was dedicated to formally pass on the presidency of the club to Amal Talhouk for the term 2023–2024.

The event highlighted noticeable importance of various guests in which their presence added grace and significance to the ceremony.
As we congratulate President Amal Talhouk on her new role, we express our heartfelt wishes for her successful and impactful tenure.
In a captivating sunset and a perfect Rotarian Spirit, RCBC gathered for a meeting and a lovely dinner. Thanks to our fundraising committee and all our guests and members for a charming evening.
On Thursday March 9, 2023, we at RC Beirut Cosmopolitan proudly launched the group as people with disabilities inclusive club “PwD”. We partnered with the Lebanese School for the Blind and Deaf in Baabda (LSBD) in a very heartwarming meeting in Phoenicia Hotel. 
RC Beirut Cosmopolitan is and will always remain an all-inclusive club where our strength is our togetherness.
RC Beirut Cosmopolitan held a dinner at the Phoenicia Hotel hosting guest speaker Simone Casablanca Awschlimann. The dinner was attended by AG Aida Daou, members of RC de Beyrouth, members of RC Saida, RC Cadmos and RC Ad Astra.
A lovely evening with the utmost fellowship spirit.
The good old days are coming back!
Dear Friends,
Please find below the link to RC Beirut Cosmopolitan Annual Brochure 2021-2022. 
Click here
Sona Kourtian
President 2021-2022
Handover of PPE and Mechanical Equipment to the Beirut Fire Brigade: (aid arriving from the United Kingdom) in the presence of dignitaries and members from the Beirut Fire Brigade, the British Embassy, RC Beirut Cosmopolitan and other project partners.
Visit by a Rotary International delegation to the Karantina Hospital that was fully reconstructed after the Beirut Port explosion. 
A Global Grant to rehabilitate the pediatric and neonatal wing was initiated by RCBC together with international partners.
Inauguration of the ENT Clinic in Dar al Ajaza al Islamiya   Hospital, a Global Grant led by RCBC together with local and international partners.
RCBC donated to AUBMC 7000 doses of pediatric anti-cancer drug, Cytodrox.
This donation was courtesy of our partners in India, RC Bangalore Brigades.
AUBMC Donation Video Link: https://we.tl/t-29VeQTgMKI