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We meet Tuesdays at 7:00 PM
Phoenicia Hotel
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During the meeting, RCBC Club members have elected the RY 2020-2021 Board members in addition to the 2021-2022 President Elect Sona Kourtian. Assistant Governor Samir Constantin provided the PHF pin to RCBC Past President and Assistant Governor Assad Salhab. 
An informative and fellowship event at Hadi Maktabi Gallery. Dr. Maktabi presented the various types of ancient carpets and informed the members the characteristics and history behind each type. 
The Rotary Club of Beirut Cosmopolitan (District 2452), in partnership with the Rotary Club of Lebanon, Indiana (District 6560), and the Rotary Club of St. Petersburg, Florida (District
6950), as well as contributions from private donors, secured a global grant from The Rotary Foundation of Rotary International to help provide a complete dental clinic and state of the art ophthalmology equipment to the Elpis HOME Clinic in Fanar, Lebanon. 
Mrs. Josiane Torbey VP of Association Sel de la Terre presented the Sebhel Public School project and how a state of the art public school was built based on personal initiatives to generate an outstanding public school. Also during the session, PP George Beyrouti presented the benefits and responsibilities of a Rotarian. This session was part of the Rotary information and was beneficial to new members and guests. 
RCBC held a open discussion and Q&A session  between the Committee Chairs and the Club's members. The purpose of this session was to update all members on the operations of the Club and to guarantee transparency in its operations. The members were also requested to fill a Members Satisfaction survey. RCBC guest Mr. Mohamad Harake introduced himself to the Club. 
H.E. Dr. Karam Karam ex Minister of Health, Culture and Tourism was the guest speaker at RC Beirut Cosmopolitan. Dr. Karam shared with the members and guests his experience in the Medical and Political fields. Also during the session RCBC member Rtn Diana Cotran did a presentation entitled "Be a Vibrant Club" covering what makes a Rotary Club healthy and vibrant.   
RC Beirut Cosmopolitan and RC de Beyrouth both welcomed Rotarians Raffaele and Luigi Pilla from RC Benevento - Italy at the Sursock museum. The Lebanese clubs discussed with their Italian counterparties possible joint projects and each of the clubs exchanged banners. 
Mr. Habib Hatem presented the accomplishment of Dar el Amal Center that provides support and skills development for women who have been victimized or imprisoned. During the event, RCBC received visiting Rotarians from Switzerland Mr. Martin and Corine Muller and Cheryl Sartian from the USA. The Clubs exchanged their banners and discussed possibilities for joined activities. 
A session by Mr. Razmig Azezian specialist in Chinese Medecine. RCBC also had the honour to receive visiting Rotarians from Germany D 1841 and D 1842,PDG Sonnenborn and PP Rink. 
On the occasion of the national Apple Day, RCBC members, guests and Rotaractors organized a fellowship event to Aitanit -  Bekaa. The event was an apple picking event to encourage Eco Tourism in Lebanon. The event was followed by a fellowship lunch. Later at night RCBC members attended a gathering with visiting French Rotarians in Byblos. 
Dr. Nadim Karam presented to RCBC members and guests his impressive artistic portfolio starting from his work in Japan, Australia to many other Countries and continents. The session was followed by a book signing session and a Q&A. During the event, RCBC also received PP Abed Medawar from RC Hillsborough N.J who presented the activities of his club. Our Clubs exchanged their banners. P Jean Pierre Asmar from RC Kesrouan honoured us with his presence.   
Ms. Iman Assaf Assaf gave a little synopsis on her NGO AHLA FAWDA  and Where There’s Walls whose focus was: - Using art to create positive change - Embellishing areas and enriching lives through art and murals. - Creating green spaces. - Inspiring young talent while engaging communities. - Offering emerging artists opportunities to showcase their work and develop their skills with modest capital outlay.
A session by Mrs. Maya Abi Chahine: Thanks to the University for Seniors at AUB program, older adults are offered the opportunity to remain intellectually and socially engaged, learn new things and contribute actively in their communities. The program offers a variety of activities: study groups, lectures, cultural travel programs, and intergenerational activities with AUB students
Mrs. Maguy Khoubieh Kostanian, co-founder and president of the label and NGO Les Plus Beaux Villages du Liban was the guest speaker of RCBC. Mrs. Kostanian briefed the audience on the "Les Plus Beaux Villages de la Terre" concept and how this label has reached the Lebanese Villages. She listed the criteria on which the villages are graded and eventually be assigned the label. Mrs. Kostanian went over the NGOs website and its future objectives and strategic goals. The session was followed by a Q&A session. RCBC presented a recognition certificate to Mrs. Khoubieh Kostanian. 
First handover of the RY 2019-2020 was at the Mission de Vie Providence Hospital in Adma, a global grant of USD 52,500 with RCBC as Host Sponsor, RC LA Cedars was the main International Contributor and RC Beirut Cedars and RC Metn as local contributors. 
Rotarian Annick van de Geest-Vogelaar from RC Haarlemmermeer- the Netherlands on a visit to Lebanon, met RCBC members and the two clubs exchanged banners, we discussed the possibility of working on future joint initiatives between the two Clubs. 
RC Beirut Cosmopolitan, jointly with RC Sahel el Metn and other Lebanese Club, hosted an event at the Habtoor Hotel. The guest speaker was Membership Chair Kamal Ahmadieh. 85 Rotarians and guests attended this successfull event. 
RCBC represented by P Adib visited the Rotary Club of Larnaca - Cyprus. During the visit P Adib presented the list of projects that RCBC is preparing and discussed with P Hagop Atikian the possibility of joint initiatives  between the two clubs. The two Presidents exchanged their club banners as a start of a new joint partnership. 
The event inluded BCRAC members in addition to RCBC Rotarians and numerous guests. Congratulations to President Peter Rassie, we wish you all the best and offer you our full support.  
RCBC started the new Rotary year with important Rotary information that all members should be familiar with. Guest Speaker AG Samir Constantine presented the Rotary Club Central tool and My Rotary and informed the Club Officers how to edit and view the Club's goals and information.  
With the presence of AG Samir Constantine, RCBC held its first Club Assembly for RY 2019-2020 whereby the Club's President and Committee Chairs presented their action plan for the year and the expected budget that were approved by the Club's members. Our Rotaract Club also presented their corresponding sections. 
The RY 2018-2019 / 2019-2020 Handover ceremony between IPP Mona Jaroudi and P Adib Mounla took place on June 15th in Bsous at the beautiful residence of RCBC members R Habib and May Khoury. DDG Bana Kalash and AG Samir Constantine attended the event in addition to RCBC members, guests, friends and family.